this was the very first page. not where the storyline ends.

i was there when you said forever and always

@GenaGabrielle: OMG Taylor’s face when anaïs said “I met your best friend SELENA Gomez!”😂😂

@GenaGabrielle: Tay told her “awe! I bet she was sweet!”

Happy Easter!


hey !


I would come up with some excuse as to why the graphic is awful, like that I didn’t have enough time or whatever, but truth is, I’ve spent the last two hours working on it, and it’s still terrible, so actually, I’m just terrible at making graphics. Besides, I wanted to make this to acknowledge my favourite Taylor Swift blogs, because you all make my dash so much brighter every day and I love seeing your posts!!! Not everyone on this list follows me back, but I still adore your blog, so I’m going to include you. To those of you who do follow me back, thank y’all! That means so much to me. My all time favourite blogs are in bold, but I love you all dearly. If I’ve spelled anyone’s URL’s wrong down there, I’m awfully sorry. I hope you’ll be able to figure out who I mean. I’m just super tired right now. Oh, and if you celebrate it - Happy Easter! I hope you’ve had, are having, or are going to have a brilliant day today. Lots of love, Olivia. xx

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